There are trainers in the game who would give you Pokemon or provide you Pokemon for trade.


Pokemon Gotten from and/or Location Pokemon


Event Hall Cosmog 5
Koriyama City (Pokemon Fan Club) Treecko 5
Koriyama City (Pokemon Fan Club) Togepi (as egg) 1
Event Hall Shuckle 30
Misty Village left house in middle Eevee 30
Insester City Bug Catching Club Scatterbug 5
Event Hall Ditto 30
Fairy City (inside house below Pokemon Center) Alolan Vulpix 25


Location Pokemon Recieved from the Trade Traded pokemon Level
Koriyama City (Pokemon Fan Club) Haunter (evolves into Gengar) Rattata Same as traded pokemon
Sunnyvall City (Pokemon Center) Raichu-Alolan Magneton Same as traded pokemon
Event Hall Machoke (evolves into Machamp) Lampent Same as traded pokemon 
Synchrone City (Inside the house on the right side) Scizor Kirlia Same as traded pokemon
Sunnyval City (Left side town) Electrike Tynamo Same as traded pokemon
Insester City (Pokemon Bug Club) Ninjask Volbeat Same as traded pokemon
Vaclav Town (Trading House) Boldore (evolves into Gigalith) Haxorus Same as traded pokem
Vaclav Town (Trading House) Graveler (evolves into Golem) Houndoom Same as traded pokem
Vaclav Town (Trading House) Durdurr (evolves into Bigger Durrdurr) Mawile Same as traded pokem

Mystery Gifts

Pokemon Level Status Item Status
Alolan Starters 5 On going Amulet Coin Expired
Marshadow 5 On going Mewtwonite X Expired
Ditto On going Mewtwonite Y Expired
Victini Expired
Mew Expired
Shiny Magikarp Expired
Shiny Arceus Expired
Meloetta Expired
Jirachi Expired